Essential Oil Diffuser Review

  I am new to the essential oil community and this is the first diffuser that I have ever had. The diffuser is smaller than I expected, which is a feature that I actually really like. It doesn’t take up too much space and fits in small spaces. The design is very stylish so it’s not an eye soar with your normal decor. When the diffuser is on the top of the diffuser changes colors. The light is a perfect dimness and the colors are calming. The diffuser is very easy to operate. It only has one button with three settings. This model came with a measuring cup which makes it easy to fill with the correct amount of water while not making a mess. The diffuser is safe around kids because the unit does not get hot and the mist is room temperature. I still don’t let my kids around it though, like everything in our house, they would probably break it. Lastly, the mist comes out good enough for a small to medium room. When it’s in our open concept living area of our home I do not notice the aroma as much. So although I don’t have anything to compare this diffuser with, I love it and would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to get started with essential oils or already is. 
Link to product:

Disclaimer: I purchased this product at a discounted rate in return for my honest opinion. 


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