Neck Pillow Review

  I wanted this pillow for multiple reasons. My family and I travel atleast once a year either by plane or car and it is impossible for me to sleep or even rest. Next, I am still breastfeeding my 9 month old daughter and my head and neck ache from the position I sit while I feed her. Lastly, my son, who is 5 years old, occasionally falls asleep in the car and his head flops over and looks so uncomfortable. 

  The neck pillow is so soft and is firm, but so comfortable at the same time. I use it multiple times a day while I nurse my daughter. I makes our feeding sessions so much more comfortable. I can even fall asleep now in the middle of the night when she wakes up to nurse! That helps me get the good rest that I need. My son also loves the pillow. He has used it a few times in the car when he gets tired. He says that he doesn’t wake up with a pain in his neck when he uses it. Which makes this mommy a happy camper! Sometimes he just uses it to rest while we’re driving that’s how much he likes it. We haven’t traveled yet since we got the pillow, but I’m so excited to use it when we do. I know it will help make traveling way more comfortable. 

I would highly recommend this neck pillow for everyone! 

Link to product:

Disclaimer: I purchased this product at a discounted rate in return for my honest opinion. 


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