Compression Sock Review

I purchased these compression sleeve socks for my mothers husband who has plantar fasciitis. He has such bad pain from it that he can’t even walk sometimes. He sees a podiatrist and has custome shoe inserts, but that doesn’t help all the time. I got these for him in hopes that they would help bring him more pain relief. 

After a few weeks of wearing them he was happy to report that they are helping! He said he wears them when he isn’t wearing his shoes with his inserts or when he wears flip flops that the inserts do not fit in. Most often he uses them when walking at home when he’s barefoot and when sleeping if he’s in pain from the day. The compression sleeve socks help keep the inflammation down and the pain either gone or minimal. He said they fit great and are comfortable to wear. His feet are able to breath with them on and do not get too hot. 

Overall he was very happy with this product and I was happy for him! He and I would recommend these compression sleeve socks for anyone who also has plantar fasciitis or other foot or ankle ailments. 

Link to product:

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my honest opinion.


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