Grill Mat Review 

This is such a great product! My family grills a lot for dinner, but I hate putting food directly on the grill. I usually use aluminum foil to line the grill and set the food on. Needless to say, I go through a ton of aluminum foil and constantly have to buy more, which gets expensive. With these grill mats, I no longer have to use aluminum foil to grill. The mats are a good size and cover almost the whole grill, so I can cook anything on the mats. I don’t need to use oils or spray because food does not stick to the mats. Once your done cooking, the mats are easily cleaned with soap and water. No hard scrubbing necessary! After they dry, they are rolled back up for compact storage. 

These mats are not only great for grilling, I also use them to line my oven and toaster oven. This was another thing that I used to use aluminum foil for. I didn’t go through it as fast as I did with grilling because I kept it in for more than one use. But using the grill mats is still easier and saves money. I keep the mats in the ovens as a liner until they get to the point that they need washing. Again, they are so easy to wash, dry and put right back in place. 

These grill mats are awesome! They are easy to use and save me money, which I love! I would highly recommend this product for anyone who cooks or grills. 

Link to product:

Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in return for my honest opinion. 


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