Medicine vs. Mommy 0-1

My now 5 year old son has always been the pickiest eater. If he doesn’t like the way something looks or smells he’s not touching it. On top of his picky eating he also has an extreme gag reflex. It’s so bad that even laughing too hard will make this kid throw up! All of these wonderful qualities my son has makes taking medicine an absolute nightmare. It is pure torture for everyone involved! Some over the counter meds I can put in a cup of chocolate milk and he will drink it without knowing its in there. Prescription medications are a completely different story. He calls me out right away when I try to put it in his chocolate milk and spits out the little bit he drank all over the floor. I have tried putting it in a spoon or measuring cup and having him drink it straight up, but he gags at the sight and smell of it. Then we have tried the good old syring, which for my little man is a guarantee there will be medicine all over me, him and the floor and is usually followed up with a horrible vomiting and crying session. The crying is from the both of us, lol. So needless to say, when my son was sick again this time and the pediatrician prescribed azithromycin again I wanted to scream! I knew I had to find a way for my poor baby to take medicine and have it not be a circus act. Finally it dawned on me! I put 2ml of medicine on a spoon and covered it with chocolate syrup. My son was still pretty apprehensive about eating it, but two big bites later and the medicine was down his throat and not on my floor! There was no crying, yelling, or throwing up! My son was so proud of himself for taking his medicine like a big boy.  It was an epic mommy win moment!  Hopefully this works for you too if you have a little one who is horrible at taking nasty tasting medicine. 


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